White Papers

We get many questions from our customers, and we like to answer all we can. The list below is a collection of both brief notes and  longer articles that we have written as a response to the most common questions. 

pdfDesign of D-dimer Applications
(2018-01-16) This guideline shows you what to think of when you design a D-dimer application on a new instrument.

pdfHow to the test linearity of an assay
(2013-05-20) Calibration curves need not be linear, but the results they deliver should be linear.

pdfAntibody-specific interferences - and how to reduce them
(2012-12-17) Pros and cons with expensive addatives and production methods.

pdfOptical interferences - and how to reduce them
(2012-12-17) A breif explanation as to why higher wavelengths are prefereble in some cases.

pdfTraceability of the Nordic D-dimer Calibrator
(2012-11-28) This paper shows the relation between DDU and FEU, and how Nordic's kits compare to other manufaturers.

pdfWhat is the difference between Blue and Red D-dimer?
(2012-11-02) This paper explains when to choose one D-dimer kit or the other.

pdfHemostasis, thrombosis or coagulation – what is the difference?
(2012-11-01) A short explanation of these different words for those that are new to the subject.

pdfWhy are they called latex particles?
(2012-01-01) Latex particles are used in Nordic Biomarker's products. What are they?