Free Protein S Reagents

Nordic's two Free Protein S kits are latex immunoassays (LIA) for the quantitative determination of free Protein S (FPS) in human plasma.

Both Free Protein S kits consists of sub-micron sized polystyrene particles coupled to two different monoclonal antibodies specific for Protein S. This system is not sensitive to Protein S bound to C4b-binding protein (C4BP), and only reacts with free Protein S. When the reagent in Nordic Free Protein S is exposed to a plasma sample containing free Protein S, the particles will agglutinate, giving rise to increased light-scattering. When exposed to the appropriate wavelength of light, the increase in measured turbidity, or light-scattering, is proportional to the amount of FPS in the sample.

Nordic Biomarker has designed two different kits to make this parameter available on all different coagulation instruments, regardless of the optical system and wavelength of light used.