FDP Reagent

During 2016 Nordic Biomarker will release its new FDP kit, for the determination of Fibrin(ogen) Degradation Products in human plasma. Please contact us if you are interested in samples for evaluation.

In contrast to Nordic’s D-dimer kits, who are sensitive for degradation products from cross-linked fibrin containing the D-dimer motif, the new FDP kit is also sensitive for other degradation products from both fibrinogen as well as non-cross linked fibrin. Degradation products from fibrin and fibrinogen, from the action of plasmin, are known as FDP. This is an important marker for monitoring the status of fibrinolytic disorders occurring in the cardiovascular system, in particular to diagnose and monitor the progress of Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation (DIC).

Nordic’s FDP reagent consists of sub-micron sized polystyrene particles coupled to two different monoclonal antibodies specific for FDP. When the reagent in Nordic FDP is exposed to a plasma sample containing FDPs, the particles will agglutinate, giving rise to increased light-scattering. When exposed to the appropriate wavelength of light, the increase in measured turbidity, or light-scattering, is proportional to the amount of FDP in the sample. The linear measuring range depends on the performance of the coagulation analyzer used, but is typically in the 4 – 120 µg/mL range.