At Nordic Biomarker we are proud to call ourselves D-dimer nerds! As a supplier of reagents to OEM-partners around the world, using several different analyzers, we have developed three different kinds of D-dimer reagents.

The main use of D-dimer testing is to reduce the costs and risks when diagnosing suspected cases of Venous Thromboembolism (VTE). In the past, before D-dimer testing was widely used in hospital laboratories, most patients with suspected VTE needed to be diagnosed with relatively expensive imaging techniques. Today, incorporating more specific laboratory tests for D-dimer, up to 50% of the suspected cases of VTE can be excluded without using any imagine techniques. This is not only healthcare money saved, but it also increases patient safety since some of the imaging techniques used are invasive.


The difference between Nordic Biomarker's three types of D-dimer reagents, is the size of latex particles used to produce them. Apart from that, all three are Latex Immunoassays (LIA) using immunoturbidimetry as detection principle. Also, all three reagents appear white, when looking at them in real life. Their names, Red, Green and Blue D-dimer are just a mnemonic trick to remember which wavelength they are designed for: red light has long wavelength, blue has short, and green is in the middle!