Advanced Reagents for Coagulation Analyzers

Nordic Biomarker is a Swedish original manufacturer of latex reagents for coagulation and clinical chemistry analyzers.

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Nordic Biomarker is the leading European OEM-supplier of advanced reagents for coagulation analyzers. Nordic Biomarker is especially focused on development and manufacturing of latex immunoassays, for example reagents for testing of D-dimer, FDP and Free Protein S. All production is performed in-house at Nordic Biomarker's facility in Umeå, Sweden, with deliveries to OEM-clients around the world to be sold under their own brand names to hospital laboratories. Nordic Biomarker also collaborates closely with its OEM-clients to customize the products for specific instruments and to provide technical support.

Nordic Biomarker is continuously investing in research and development of new products, with current attention on reagents for Antithrombin, vWF, FM and Protein C.

With a growing product portfolio of specialty reagents for the coagulation laboratory, Nordic Biomarker is an interesting collaboration partner for any company seeking to supply the health-care sector with a complete coagulation/hemostasis reagent package. 

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